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About Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited

At MQDC, we adhere to DTGO's beliefs and values in working collaboratively with all stakeholders to shape a better design for quality living and lifestyle enhancement.

As an international company that invests in research-oriented property development, our holistic innovations are applied based on advanced technology and a thorough understanding of the balance of nature.

We push boundaries not only by setting design trends, but by adopting frontier human behavioural research and development, creating quality living solutions that are beautiful, inspiring and safe.

Of equal importance, MQDC commits to align its businesses with leaders who share an environmentally conscious mindset in advocating for sustainability, ensuring positive social impact and a better quality of life for all.

At MQDC, it is also our belief that the design and development for sustainability can be achieved from a small change in detail to a disruptive innovation. We value differences of viewpoints and ideas from both local and international contexts to make those changes possible. MQDC positions itself to be a house of brands where Magnolias takes the lead role in showcasing global standards that harmonize the finest qualities of a luxury lifestyle with the heritage and cultural values of its neighbouring communities and natural settings.

Whizdom, on the other hand, positions itself as an ever-evolving society where the dynamic, youthful and socially interactive nature inherent in all of its projects and programs to embraces young generations and interconnected groups of stakeholders.

MQDC continues to invest in incubating and developing pipelines of brands to tap various unrealized potentials for the greater benefit of all.

MQDC's unique brand essence is its emphasis on creating genuinely environmentally-friendly properties that enhance the quality of life of their neighboring communities based on innovative research and development.

These principles are seamlessly integrated through the collaboration of property development team and MQDC's Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC).

The RISC is a research-based, knowledge-sharing collaborative environment where researchers in science, engineering, design and art devise environmentally and socially sustainable solutions for healthier ecosystems. RISC's goal is to nurture and develop new ideas and innovations to improve the quality of life for all beings. It serves as an open-resource for society, aiming at reducing the impact of our lifestyles on the natural environment.

MAGNOLIAS House and Condominium Projects are delicately designed with consideration for happiness and comfort of 3 generations (Universal Design). The design is considered the best use of functions, best-selected materials in order to provide quality and safety for all residents.

Latest projects by Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited

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Completed 13
Off Plan 4
Project Name
Total Number Of Units
Starting Price
Completion Date
Whizdom Asoke - Sukhumvit Bangkok 553 ฿9,410,000 Mar 2022
Whizdom 101 Bangkok 554 ฿5,860,000 Dec 2020
Whizdom Inspire Sukhumvit Bangkok 554 ฿6,050,000 Jan 2020
The Residences Mandarin Oriental Bangkok Bangkok 146 ฿67,400,000 Oct 2019
Magnolias Waterfront Residences Bangkok 379 ฿16,300,000 Sep 2019
Whizdom Essence Bangkok 664 ฿5,040,000 Jan 2019
Whizdom Station Ratchada-Thapra Bangkok 690 ฿2,730,000 Aug 2018
Whizdom Connect Sukhumvit Bangkok 673 ฿3,830,000 Jan 2018
Whizdom Avenue Ratchada - Ladprao Bangkok 497 ฿4,030,000 Dec 2016
Magnolias Ratchadamri Boulevard Bangkok 316 ฿12,100,000 Dec 2015
Whizdom Punnawithi Station Bangkok 262 ฿2,550,000 Dec 2010
Whizdom The Exclusive Bangkok 79 ฿3,830,000 Dec 2009
The Muse Sukhumvit 64/2 Bangkok 79 ฿3,930,000 Dec 2007
Project Name
Total Number Of Units
Starting Price
Completion Date
Mulberry Grove The Forestias Condominiums Samut Prakan 269 N/A Jan 2024
Whizdom the Forestias Samut Prakan 1119 ฿4,870,000 Jan 2024
Mulberry Grove Sukhumvit Bangkok 287 ฿13,600,000 Oct 2023
The Aspen Tree Bangkok 290 N/A Jun 2023