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About Karnkanok Property Co., Ltd.

Karnkanok Property Company Limited was founded in 2003 by Mr. Kanoksak. Art With a registered capital of 5,000,000 baht. The objective is to operate real estate business Land development for living and commerce Whether it is a detached house, townhome, condominium and commercial building To support the growth of Chiang Mai It is also a beginner to use and develop cast construction technology in the place called Cast in Place for the construction in Chiang Mai. Which is a construction that is designed to support the weight of walls so that there are no pillars, beams, more space Strong structure, quality, resistant to earthquakes Water does not leak Keeps noise well and meets international standards

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Completed 16
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Project Name
Total Number Of Units
Starting Price
Completion Date
One Plus Mahidol 5 Chiang Mai 72 N/A May 2020
Karnkanok 2 Chiang Mai 457 ฿7,990,000 Dec 2019
Karnkanok 12 Chiang Mai 315 ฿3,740,000 Aug 2018
Karnkanok 20 Chiang Mai 215 N/A Dec 2017
Kankanok 21 Chiang Mai 360 N/A Dec 2017
Karnkanok 19 Chiang Mai 285 ฿3,330,000 Dec 2016
One Plus Nineteen 3 Chiang Mai 78 ฿1,910,000 Dec 2016
Rajapruek Greenery Hill Chiang Mai 54 ฿2,440,000 Dec 2016
Karnkanok Town 3 Chiang Mai 94 N/A Jan 2016
Karnkanok Ville 11 Chiang Mai 245 ฿2,730,000 Jan 2016
One Plus Jed Yod Condo Chiang Mai 78 ฿2,530,000 Oct 2015
Karnkanok Ville 10 Chiang Mai 374 N/A Feb 2014
One Plus Huay Kaew Chiang Mai 136 N/A Feb 2014
One Plus 19 Chiang Mai 78 N/A Jan 2014
Karnkanok Ville 5 Chiang Mai 262 N/A Jan 2010
Baan Suan Greenery Hill Chiang Mai 76 ฿5,660,000 Jun 2009
Project Name
Total Number Of Units
Starting Price
Completion Date
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