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About Heights Holdings

Heights Holdings is a leading luxury condominium developer operating out of Thailand's Eastern Seaboard. Since its inception, Heights Holdings has strived to develop a brand signifying high quality, exceptional service and superior value by listening to clients' needs and by focusing on the following key areas:

Delivering the highest standard of building quality in all developments.
Providing customer-orientated services across all organizational functions.
Achieving a consistently high rate-of-return for investors.
Core activities
The core activities of Heights Holdings centre around the development of '5-star' quality residential condominiums in highly desirable locations.

Having undertaken 18 major projects in the much-desired locales of Pratumnak and Wong Amat, Pattaya, the company has cemented its leading position amongst the pre-eminent condominium developers in the region.

The Heights Holdings brand is now synonymous with luxurious and affordable housing in Pattaya.

Below is a summary of each project undertaken by Heights Holdings, which when added together form the verifiable track-record exhibited today:

Latest projects by Heights Holdings

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Completed 15
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Project Name
Total Number Of Units
Starting Price
Completion Date
Arcadia Center Suites Chon Buri 252 ฿4,040,000 Jun 2021
Arcadia Beach Continental Chon Buri 1,350 ฿1,400,000 Nov 2019
Arcadia Beach Resort Chon Buri 1,104 ฿1,150,000 Jul 2018
Laguna Beach Resort 3 - The Maldives Chon Buri 1,750 ฿1,070,000 Jun 2017
Club Royal Chon Buri 515 ฿1,390,000 Dec 2016
The Peak Towers Chon Buri 474 ฿1,590,000 Feb 2016
Laguna Beach Resort 2 Chon Buri 1,100 ฿997,000 Jan 2016
Laguna Bay 2 Chon Buri 156 ฿996,000 Dec 2015
Laguna Beach Resort Chon Buri 660 ฿1,150,000 Jun 2015
Water Park Chon Buri 210 ฿1,190,000 May 2015
Wongamat Tower Chon Buri 361 ฿3,460,000 Dec 2014
Laguna Bay 1 Chon Buri 74 ฿1,050,000 May 2013
Park Royal 3 Chon Buri 140 ฿1,650,000 Mar 2012
Park Royal 2 Chon Buri 85 ฿2,090,000 May 2011
Laguna Heights Chon Buri 66 ฿3,980,000 Jun 2009
Project Name
Total Number Of Units
Starting Price
Completion Date
Arcadia Millennium Tower Chon Buri 803 ฿2,150,000 Dec 2021