Sanctuary Of Truth

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    ฿1.22M - ฿146M
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    164 properties
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    ฿6.82K - ฿12.2M
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    90 properties
  • To Utapao-Rayong-Pattaya International Airport:
    56.5 km / 1 hour 5 mins by driving

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Garden Cliff Condominium 2
accommodation is quiet, not busy
User Rating
Overall Rating
it is a tranquil place and far from the bustling area. we stayed here for a month in the summer season. the room we stayed in was on the 9th floor, consisting of 4 bedrooms, and the balcony area facing the sea, a very good atmosphere. the location is far from the bustling area, which is not noisy and tranquil. my family and i relaxed pleasantly. life here is convenient as there are a swimming pool, a restaurant, and sufficient car parking. also, the security system is excellently taking care of the residents.
Tresa Dube
  • 2 years ago
5 reviews
Garden Cliff Condominium 2
complete with a great value vacation rental place
User Rating
Overall Rating
this condo is located in the center of the naklua area, abundant with many attractions. it is a good location condo, and i bought 4 bedrooms as a vacation rental with my husband. it is a good value because the condo is fully equipped, whether a fitness center, a swimming pool, and a strict security system. for a 4 bedrooms unit, it is fully furnished and ready-to-move-in.
Annanya F.
  • 3 years ago
5 reviews
Wongamat Garden Beach
a sea view condo
User Rating
Overall Rating
i am very impressed with this condo because it offers a beautiful sea view. it also has full-service amenities such as a swimming pool, sauna, gym, and many more. the surrounding area includes delicious restaurants, making it easy to find a variety of foods. in addition, it is surrounded by convenience stores, shops, and even department stores, which is considered convenient. so far, i'm pleased with this location because it offers a wide range of amenities. the staff is also polite and friendly, and the neighbors are pleasant. it's such a great condo for me because the staff welcomes foreigners and provides excellent services. the project setting is in a good location, close to the beach, with an amazing view from the room, and it is well worth the money.
Panitta W.
  • 3 years ago
1 review
Garden Cliff Condominium 2
it is private and quiet.
User Rating
Overall Rating
the leisure atmosphere here is 10 out of 10, quiet and private. although the building looks a bit old, the interior has been well maintained. the owner of the room was friendly and solved problems quickly. the room is spacious and fully furnished. from the balcony, you can see the stunning sea view, which is very chill. in this alley, there are many good hotels and many tourists. it's good.
Carl Vincent
  • 4 years ago
5 reviews
Garden Cliff Condominium 2
old building but there has awesome staff
User Rating
Overall Rating
the condo is located in a good location by the sea. the neighborhood of the project is quiet and not crowded. the place is suitable for full relaxation. the living space for the 2-bedroom unit is spacious. there is a full set of furniture, which is old and worn out. plus, the air conditioner has a musty smell. the common area has a swimming pool and a small gym, but the food here is very delicious. good service staff!
Alex Penman
  • 4 years ago
5 reviews
Garden Cliff Condominium 2
old condo with beautiful sea view
User Rating
Overall Rating
my friend recommended this accommodation before i got here; at first, i decided to live here just for a while cause i didn't know the route in pattaya very well. the buildings here are quite old. the building and common areas designs look vintage. the room i stayed in is a spacious, airy, and high ceiling that gave well-ventilation. the furniture in the room is complete. even though it looks ancient, all are quality. it also comprises a large communal pool, where you can enjoy relaxing on a day off !!
Chris Cohen
  • 5 years ago
5 reviews

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