Samae Dam

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    ฿829K - ฿56.4M
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    ฿4.86K - ฿17.5K
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    63.3 km / 1 hour 3 mins by driving

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Latest Reviews of Projects in Samae Dam

Serrano Condominium Rama II
the room here is very good.
User Rating
Overall Rating
the room here is very good. it is fully furnished. the kitchen is practical, and it is easy to dry clothes on a balcony. it has a good atmosphere, beautiful views, and friendly staff, especially the security guards. the swimming pool is rather large. but there are disadvantages as well. the overgrown garden isn't well-maintained. there is just one elevator working normally. these problems must be solved. by the way, there is a 7-eleven downstairs. overall, the rent is reasonable. the location is great and quiet, suitable for people with personal cars since there is no electric train station nearby. however, it's only a 9-minute walk to central rama 2.
Stanard Duke
  • 2 years ago
1 review
Inizio Rama ll
second hand detached house with a quiet atmosphere
User Rating
Overall Rating
i bought a second-hand, fully furnished house from the previous owner. inside the house, there are 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, spacious for my family. importantly, there is a large swimming pool in the village where my children often like to swim. as for safety, you can feel relieved because the security guard is around 24-7. it's quiet, and there is a lotus rama 2 nearby so you can go shopping. it is comfortable for people with private cars, but unfortunately, there is no bts station nearby.
Maruth Sukjai
  • 3 years ago
1 review
The Bella Condo Rama 2
the convenient location, suitable for people with cars
User Rating
Overall Rating
this project is very convenient and meets the needs of people who mainly use private cars. because it is close to many main roads, it is simple to get around. importantly, there is no traffic congestion around here. also, the location is both quiet and comfortable as well, near central rama 2, green day night market, nakhonthon hospital, etc. as for the room i live in, it's a 1 bedroom unit, good size for being alone, well-proportioned and beautifully decorated. the facilities are also provided as an excellent standard.
Tassy Mill
  • 4 years ago
1 review
Town Avenue Cocos Rama 2
the project near shopping malls and expressways, convenient for traveling
User Rating
Overall Rating
this project is very convenient and completed. first of all, the location is quiet yet convenient. the project is in the rama 2 neighborhood, close to both central rama 2, green day night market, nakornthon hospital, etc. another advantage is an easy trip connecting to ekkachai road, kanchanaphisek road, etc. the house is functional and suitable for a small family of not more than 4-5 people. the area is spacious with 2 comfortable living rooms. the common areas are provided as standard.
Savitri Putra
  • 5 years ago
1 review
Smart Condo at Rama 2
affordable condo
User Rating
Overall Rating
it was totally right to buy this condo as its' worth my money. my room is fully-furnished with wide space. it is a 1-bedroom unit with a good proportion. the facilities are superb, ranging from a swimming pool, fitness center, sauna, clubhouse, convenience store to many restaurants. didn't see any difference from other luxurious condos. the place is quiet and not bustling. the juristic person works well to keep the common area clean. anyways, prepare for the lack of parking space as there are too many units and residents. i am not usually the one that handles it, as i don't have a car. i usually hire a motorbike taxi. nearby, there are many shopping malls here, such as central plaza rama 2 and others.
Ploypaphat J.
  • 6 years ago
1 review

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